Staying in the Present Moment

It seems it is always a challenge to keep our minds in the present moment. Our thoughts seem to travel back to the past. Visiting happy memories and not so happy ones. We also seem to jump to the future, working out every possible problem we have, and then problems of our loved ones as well. So if we aren’t in our past or future, we are in someone else’s.

So why is staying in the present so important? Well, it keeps us in our own business and enjoying the present. Could you imagine how much time you could save if you stopped worrying about things in your life, or someone else’s, that you couldn’t control? That dream you never have time for, that hobby that is now stuffed away in a closet; those could now take the place of worry. But what about the past, the mistake, the missed relationship, the missed chance? Well that is exactly what is happening when you are not in the moment. You are making more of those. How, do you ask? We only see what we focus on. If you are focusing on the relationship that didn’t happen, you may miss the smile from the guy at the grocery store, or the girl that comes by your desk to say hi every morning.

So how do you stay in the moment? First, go back to all of the past moments that you seem to keep revisiting and write them down. This gets them out of your head and on paper. Write down 3 things that this experience taught you. Look at how it made you the person you are today, and what knowledge that you have that you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t had that experience. Lastly, be grateful for that experience and the things you were able to learn from it. You can now revisit them when you want, but they aren’t dancing in your head all day.

Okay, so what about those future thoughts? This is where you write down what you would like to happen, and make it as detailed as possible. Do this every morning, but write them down as though they have already happened. This keeps your mind from having to go find a solution, because you have already found it and written it down.

These exercises clear your mind and help you stay in the here and now. Enjoying the here and now provides exciting memories, and opens possibilities that you thought didn’t exist. Now you have time to really notice what is going on around you. That relationship that you have been wanting for 5 years, it has really been waiting on you to just look for 5 years.

Really enjoy the experience that you are in. Make some memories. Take back the control, and see the freedom that comes from it!

Feel free to share ways that help you stay in the moment.

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